Premium Bathrobes: Dog Edition


Want to show off your love for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or BFF who is a dog lover?
Personalise a bathrobe to surprise them now.

This Dog Edition consists of the following designs.
Pick your favourite design and personalise it with any name or message.

  • Naughty Corgi
  • Baby Corgi
  • Lazy Corgi
  • Baby Pug
  • Superpug
  • Baby Husky
  • Baby Chow Chow
  • Baby Pitbull
  • Baby Golden Retriever
  • Baby Poodle
  • Baby Beagle
  • Baby Pomeranian
  • Baby Yorkshire Terrier

Personalised Embroidery

Is this a gift?

Please choose your preferred Ribbon Colour for the packaging.


Size: 25.5″ x 51″

Cutting: Unisex

Material: Cotton Waffle Weave

Colour: White

Size Chart:




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